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Coating Mechanics & Applications

Development of regression rate programmable rocket propellant

For the development of FGM fuel, the polymer layer containing metal powder will be stacked several times through dip coating method to produce fuel whose additive concentration varies in the direction of thickness. Dip coating is a method that applicable to various shapes and sizes. We can develop FGM that contains different concentrations of metal powder for each coating layer, forming dis-continuous metal powder concentration. In particular, the optimal experimental conditions for uniform thickness formation are studied based on the dip-coating method that applies vibration among various methods.


Conventional hybrid or solid ramjet fuels cannot control combustion efficiency. Hybrid rockets also require equipment to control the flow of oxidants to maintain propulsion performance. In this study, we develop FGM (Functionally Graded Materials) fuel with varying concentrations of metal powder in the direction of the radius to achieve desired combustion efficiency without any additional equipment.


The final goal of this study is to make a bulky object with programmable properties through a multiscale method as well as vibration based dip coating

with Jeongrak Lee, Hyunsu Kwak, Myeongryun Seong and Byungho Lee

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