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Snap-through instability of short and long hyper-elastic tubes under inflation

with Jinwoo Lee and Byungho Lee


We study the localized bulging of thin polymeric cylindrical tubes based on the different aspect ratio under pressure loading. Recent studies have shown that simulation results indicate that there are boundary values for localized bulging to occur depending on the aspect ratio of the shells. In our study, experiments and FEM analysis were conducted on the characteristics of a snap-through caused by the inflation of a hyperelastic tube with a different aspect ratio while varying the length. Localized bulging occurred above a certain aspect ratio, and the bulging profile and critical pressure converged as the aspect ratio increased. As the aspect ratio decreased, the critical pressure tends to increase. As a result, it is possible to induce or prevent the inflation phenomenon due to the internal pressure by changing the aspect ratio of the cylindrical structure to change the critical pressure.

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