August 28, 2022


Byungho finished 7th in Pohang youngil bay black stone conger eel festival nationwide arm wrestling contest - 75 kg


July 20, 2022


Byungho recieved Outstanding Presenatation Awards at the PRESM  2022 (Precision Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing)

March 14-18, 2022

Hyunsu, Seonghyeon, Kanghyun, and Myeongryun will give oral presentations at the APS March meeting


Session F08: Patterns and Flows 

Title: Wave Buckling of Thin Plates Under Non-uniform In-plane Loading

Presenter: Hyunsu kwak

Session W25: Rheology, Flow and Instabilities of Soft Materials 

Title: Crack patterns on soft substrates containing a wrinkled layer inside

Presenter: Seonghyeon Kim

Session Y08: Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics II 

Title: From Shallow to Deep: Buckling Behavior of Clamped Spherical Caps

Presenter: Kanghyun Ki

Session Y17: Responsive Polymers, Soft Materials, and Hybrids (Focus)

Title: Mechanical behavior of magneto-active elastic shells under an arbitrary magnetic field

Presenter: Myeongryun Seong

Our collaborators Cheongsan and Sanghyup will also give oral presentations:

Session A21: Morphing Matter: From Soft Robotics to 4D Printing I

Title: Multi-morph pneu-net systems with a single input

Presenter: Cheong San Kim (Seoul National University)

D09: Filaments, Jets, and Aerosols

A study on the pulsation reduction effect of a valve composed of elastic bodies

Presenter: SangHyup Lee (Korea University)

July 17, 2021

Hyunjun Park recevies Master's Degree

Hyunjun Park graduates XML with a Master's Degree.


January 6, 2021

Welcome to our new members!

Yuseong Song, Byungho Lee, Junsik Kim join XML as  graduate students.


August 20, 2020


Kanghyun and Jinwoo recieved Student Speaker Awards at the KSME (Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers) spring meeting 2020 in the division of CAE and Applied Mechanics.

August 7, 2020

Welcome to our new member!

Chaemin Kim joins XML as a graduate student.


January 6, 2020

Welcome to our new members!

Jeongrak Lee, Seonghyeon Kim, Myeongryun Seong and Hyunsu Kwak join XML as  graduate students.


September 1, 2019

Welcome to our new member!

Hyunjun Park joins XML as a graduate student.


March 13, 2019


Anna Lee gives an invited talk at Mechanical Engineering Seminar.

January 7, 2019

Welcome to our new members!

Jinwoo Lee and Kanghyun Ki join XML as graduate students.

기강현  사본_편집본.jpg

January 1, 2019

Birth of Extreme Mechanics Lab

Anna Lee joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH, as an assistant professor.