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Conference presentations

From Shallow to Deep: Buckling Behavior of Clamped Spherical Caps

APS March Meeting, Chicago, March 2022. (presented by Kanghyun Ki)

Crack Patterns on Soft Substrates Containing a Wrinkled Layer Inside

APS March Meeting, Chicago, March 2022. (presented by Seonghyeon Kim)

Wave Buckling of Thin Plates Under Non-uniform In-plane Loading

APS March Meeting, Chicago, March 2022. (presented by Hyunsu Kwak)

Mechanical Behavior of Magneto-Active Elastic Shells Under an Arbitrary Magnetic Field

APS March Meeting, Chicago, March 2022. (presented by Myeongryun Seong)

Fabrication of films on cylinders by dip-oscillate-coating

APS March Meeting, Online, March 2021. (presented by Jeongrak Lee)

Mechanics of turning a page

APS March Meeting, Boston, MA, March 2019. (presented by Jihye Myeong)

The Chocolate-egg Problem: Fabrication of Thin Elastic Shells Through Coating

Society of Engineering Science, Madrid, Spain, October 2018.

APS March Meeting, San Antonio, TX, March 2015.


Self-healing buckling of hemispherical shells

ASME IMECE, Tampa, FL, November 2017. 

Society of Engineering Science, Boston, MA, July 2017.

Buckling of hemispherical shells subject to combined pressure loading and probing forces

ASME IMECE, Tampa, FL, November 2017. (presented by Francisco López-Jiménez) 

Society of Engineering Science, Boston, MA, July 2017. (presented by Joel Marthelot)

Spherical shells buckling to the sound of music

APS March meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 2017.

The geometric role of precisely engineered imperfections on the critical buckling load of spherical elastic shells 

Society of Engineering Science, University of Maryland, MD, October 2016 (invited). 

ICTAM, Montreal, August 2016. (presented by Pedro M. Reis)

Defect-controlled buckling of depressurized elastic shells

APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2016.

Surface morphology of pre-stressed bilayer shells for tunable optical transmittance

APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2016. (presented by Rashed Al-Rashed)

Tearing of thin spherical shells adhered to equally curved rigid substrates

APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2016. (presented by Connor McMahan)

Periodic buckling patterns on constrained elastic shells

APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2016. (presented by Joel Marthelot)

Cracking the chocolate egg problem: polymeric films coated on curved substrates 

APS DFD, Boston, MA, November 2015. (presented by Pierre-Thomas Brun)

Dripping from a curved ceiling: a linear optimal transient growth analysis 

APS DFD, Boston, MA, November 2015. (presented by Gioele Balestra)

Buckling of constrained thin elastic shells: from dimples to sharp ridges

ASME, Houston, TX, November 2015. (presented by Pedro M. Reis)

Does Slippage within a Superhydrophobic Channel Always Reduce Drag?

APS DFD, San Diego, CA, November 2012.




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